8 Newest Tools in Canva for Realtors (Updated 2024)

Visual content reigns supreme in the real estate industry. And these days, standing out isn’t just nice—it’s necessary. For many successful real estate professionals, the secret sauce in 2024 is all about nailing that visual content. Imagine that you’ve got a stunning property, and you want everyone to know it’s the dream home they’ve been searching for. And, of course, you have  Canva, with its premium templates, your new best friend in marketing properties.

tools in canva

So, whether you’re crafting a social media blitz or a detailed brochure, Canva’s ease of use, brand kits, design templates, and arsenal of features ensure your property doesn’t just get seen—it gets noticed. Let’s make those first impressions count, and learn more about the newest design tools in Canva that can make every listing shine brighter than the rest.

1. Canva Magic Edit

Canva’s Magic Edit is a graphic design tool that revolutionizes photo editing by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to simplify the process of transforming images. This feature empowers users to effortlessly remove unwanted objects, introduce new elements, or tweak colours and lighting, turning ordinary photos into captivating masterpieces.

Let’s dive into mastering Canva Magic Edit, your go-to tool for transforming photos in your listings and marketing materials. Follow this simple guide to make your images pop and catch those potential buyers’ eyes.

Here’s how you can use the Magic Edit tool:

  1. Pick Your Target- Pinpoint the photo or design element in your project that needs a bit of magic. Maybe it’s a photo in your listing that could use a little extra flair or an element that doesn’t quite fit.
  2. Unleash the Magic- Now, hit the “Edit Photo” button on the toolbar. A dropdown will appear. Find and click “Magic.” This action opens the magical realm of Magic Edit.
  3. Fine-Tune Your Magic- With the Magic Edit panel open, grab the brush tool to highlight the specific area you’re looking to jazz up. Dreaming of a sunny sky or wanting to erase that pesky photobomber? Just mark the area, spell out your wish (literally, type in what you want to change), and hit “Generate.” Like a digital genie, Canva will work its magic, showing you a preview of your enhanced photo. If it looks good, click “Done” to seal the deal.

And there you have it! With Canva Magic Edit, turning your real estate photos from “meh” to “wow” is easier than ever. Give it a whirl and watch your listings shine brighter than the rest.

2. Magic Expand

Canva Magic Expand Technology now enables real estate professionals to enhance their marketing visuals without losing quality. This great tool powered by AI stretches images beyond their original borders while maintaining resolution and detail, making it ideal for showcasing real estate at its best. 

Users can easily expand images, making it perfect for creating compelling social media graphics, detailed presentations, and attractive print materials. Magic Expand helps agents create presentations, create content that’s visually appealing and stands out by analyzing and patching incomplete areas for a natural enhancement.

This technology simplifies the design process, allowing for the quick creation of professional-level images that enhance real estate promotional strategies.

How to Use Canva Magic Expand:

  1. Choose Your Image: Start by selecting the image within Canva you wish to expand.
  2. Enter Edit Mode: Click on “Edit photo” to access editing options.
  3. Find Magic Expand: Look for the “Magic Expand” option under the “Effects” tab.
  4. Choose Your Size: Select from preset sizes or manually adjust the crop handles to extend the image beyond its original borders.
  5. Expand Your Image: Click “Magic Expand” and wait for Canva to process the expansion.
  6. Enhance Your Image: Add text, graphics, and other elements while maintaining high quality.

3. Magic Grab

Canva Magic Grab is tailored for real estate agents looking to elevate their property listings without advanced design skills. This AI tool allows for easy selection, adjustment, and modification of photo segments. It streamlines the editing process by automating time-consuming tasks, ensuring listings match your vision. This increases efficiency, giving you a competitive edge. Magic Grab is user-friendly, making professional edits accessible to novices. Pair it with features like Text to Image for more creative possibilities, making it an essential tool in real estate marketing.

How to Use Canva’s Magic Grab:

  1. Upload Your Image: Begin by uploading the photo or screenshot to Canva.
  2. Select the Image: Click on the uploaded image to select it.
  3. Use Magic Grab: Activate by choosing the photo part you wish to edit, involving adjustments or modifications.
  4. Edit Your Image: Customize the design by selecting the segment to alter.
  5. Explore More Features: Combine with other features like Text to Image for enhanced creativity.

4. Grab Text

Canva’s Grab Text feature is a life-changing tool for modern-day, always on the go real estate professionals. Consider having clicked a great snap of a new listing with an interesting tagline or some important details that are built inside the picture too. Gone are the days of laborious typing all that text for your marketing materials – Grab Text from Canva is here to save the day.

This Canva tool extracts and detects the text from your image to make it editable in the shortest time possible, using AI. Think of the possibilities! Snapping key features from a property photo, extracting text from an architectural drawing, or even pulling quotes out of customer testimonials—without ever touching the keyboard for more than a few clicks.

Whether you’re churning out gripping updates for your social media accounts (whether Facebook post, Instagram, or Linkedin post), company newsletters or detailed presentations, Grab Text narrows the gap between you and your keyboard.

With architectural designs and intricate layouts abounding any modern company, content can frequently be found on graphic-heavy elements like logos and stock images. Canva Grab Text is just one of mere many ways the graphic design platform empowers real estate pros in creating high impact, professional designs with efficiency and ease.

Ready to make your design workflow smooth like silk with Canva’s Grab Text? Here’s a super easy guide to get started:

  1. Pick the image: Choose the image that actually has the text you want to grab from it. Could be anything from a photo of a flyer or a social media poster somewhere to a snapshot from an office sign.
  2. Find the Magic: Head over to the Magic Studio tab. Find and click on “Grab Text.” It’s where the magic happens!
  3. Take AI’s Word For It: Once you click, Canva’s smart AI takes over. It scans your image, finds and pulls the text out for you. In a matter of moments, such imaging files will have the text appear ready for editing.
  4. Edit and Style: Once you get your text, feel free to put it into your preferred taste. Change the font, its size or try out with color. Apply the text onto the design perfectly.

5. Blur Brush

This is where securing the privacy and confidentiality becomes imperative for real estate professionals because pictures may be clicked to reveal some personal possession/item/room of the property under consideration.

The blur tool in Canva proves extremely handy on such occasions. It is easy to hide faces, personal belongings, or any other specific details in property photos that should not be put on the public domain. Whether it’s blurring family photos on the wall or hiding high-value items to prevent security risks,

In addition to effectiveness through the blur tool, it is easy to use, as well as convenience in that your privacy and professionalism will still be maintained while displaying your listings.

This gives you a more attractive look hence following the required standards of privacy every smart real estate agent must adhere to.

Ready to learn the ins and outs of Canva’s blur tool for real estate photos? Here’s your easy-to-follow guide to adding that professional touch by blurring either backgrounds or specific details in your images:

  1. Open Canva & Create a Design: To get started, click on “Create a design.” Pick the size that would be needed for your project.
  2. Choose or Upload a Photo: Choose your own photo or choose one from Canva’s library to start.

Blurring Your Photo

Full-Photo Blur:

  1. Navigate to the Blur Tool: Click on “Edit Image” upon selecting your photo. Navigate to the button where it has “Blur”. If its your first time, then you will have to navigate to “Use” so that it allows you to grace your account.
  2. Apply the Blur: Use the “Auto” button for an instant blur effect across your photo. Adjust the intensity of the blur with the slider – slide up for more blur, down for less. Try and balance it. Too much blur will end up covering essential details.

Adjust the Intensity of Blur:

Just adjust the level of blurring distortion to attain the wanted look. Simply drag and carefully adjust the intensity slider, picking an appropriate settings that can sustain a clear view yet achieve your desire for the blur effect.

Selective Focus:

  1. Target Your Blur: Use the “Blur” button to access specialized sliders in order to blur either some part of your photo, such as obscuring personal details, or the background.
  2. Customize Your Blur: Adjust the intensity of blurring to your liking. Brush with a tool over an area that you want blurred. Adjust the size of the brush for finer or broader areas. You can undo errors with a click on the “Restore” button.

Fine-Tuning Your Blur:

  1. Adjust the size of brush for how big an area do you want to blur, along with the intensity. Use the spread to control how far beyond the brushed area the blur extends.
  2. Experiment with the settings to achieve the ideal blur that enhances your photo without losing essential details.

6. AI Image Generator

Canva’s latest leap into AI with its Magic Studio is a game-changer for real estate professionals. The AI Image Generator introduces image generation, elevating the way agents, brokers, and marketers craft their visual content.

Gone are the days of sifting through countless stock photos to find one that just about fits your listing’s narrative. Now, within minutes, you can conjure up a custom image that perfectly captures the essence of your property.

Imagine creating bespoke visuals that highlight a home’s unique features, setting the mood for potential buyers even before they step through the door.

This breakthrough is part of Canva’s Magic Studio, a suite of AI-driven tools in Canva designed to streamline your workflow and drastically reduce the time spent on tasks like image hunting.

For real estate professionals, this means more time to focus on what truly matters—connecting with clients and closing deals—while still producing high-quality, engaging marketing materials. With Magic Studio, Canva is not just simplifying design; it’s revolutionizing how the real estate industry presents itself to the world.

Creating custom images with Canva’s new feature is a breeze, and it lets you bring your vision to life with just a few clicks. Here’s a simple guide to get you started:

  1. Launch Canva: First thing’s first, open up Canva. Look for the “Magic Media” option. You’ll find it on the left-hand menu, ready and waiting to kickstart your creative process.
  2. Spell Out Your Vision: Now, it’s time to describe what you’re imagining. Not sure where to start? Hit the “Try example” button for a bit of inspiration on crafting the perfect description.
  3. Bring It to Life: Once you’ve got your description down, press the “Create your image” button. Canva’s about to work its magic!
  4. Choose Your Favorite: Canva will then present you with four suggestions. Fancy one in particular? Use the three dots on the upper right corner of your chosen image to explore more ideas along the same lines.
  5. Style It Up: Want a specific vibe for your image? Dive into the style option. Whether you’re after an anime look, something filmic, a photo-realistic finish, watercolor touches, or a dreamy aesthetic, Canva’s got you covered.

7. Video Enhancer Tool

Want to make your property videos pop without diving into complicated editing software or breaking the bank? Say hello to Canva’s Video Enhancer Tool. This nifty, free online feature lets you quickly tweak brightness, contrast, and color vibes to make your videos look top-notch.

Got a room that looks a bit too dreary? Or want to show off how stunning the view is from the backyard? This tool has got your back, making every shot look like it’s straight out of a magazine. And the best part? It’s super simple to use, making it a total must-have for busy agents eager to dazzle buyers and shine in the competitive market.

It’s packed with cool features that have user-friendly interface, perfect for giving your videos that professional edge without the headache. Let’s dive into what makes this tool a game-changer:

Editing Made Easy

  • Trim, Crop, Resize: Get your video just right by cutting out the bits you don’t need, focusing on the best parts, and making sure it fits where you want to share it.
  • Brightness & Color Fixes: A few tweaks here and there with brightness, contrast, and saturation, and your video’s looking a million times better.
  • Creative Touches: Throw in some text, play around with stickers, and add all sorts of fun elements to tell your story.

Jazz It Up with Effects and Filters

  • Cool Effects: From making it look like an old-school film to cranking up the color for that extra pop, there’s a whole bunch of effects to play with.
  • Filters for Days: Whether you’re aiming for a dreamy vibe or want to go full noir, filters help set the mood just right.

Text & Stickers for the Win

  • Say It Loud: With tons of fonts and styles, adding text to your video means you get your message across loud and clear, and in style.
  • Sticker Fun: Jazz up your video with stickers that add a dash of fun or polish. It’s like the cherry on top of your video sundae.

Here’s How to Spruce Up Your Videos with Canva:

  • Step Into Canva: First off, head to the Canva site. Need to sign up? No sweat—you can quickly get your free account.
  • Kick Things Off: Logged in? Awesome. Hit the “Create a design” button smack on the homepage.
  • Select ‘Video’: You’ll see a bunch of options—click on “Video” to get rolling.
  • Choose Your Format: Canva’s got a variety of video formats. Pick the one that fits your video just right.
  • Upload Time: Jump over to the “Uploads” tab and drop in your video. Dragging and dropping straight from your computer? Yep, you can do that.
  • Enhance It: With your video ready, press the “Enhance” button. Now you’re all set to adjust and perfect your video until it’s exactly how you want it.

8. Sketch to Life 

Imagine turning your rough property sketches into vivid, realistic images with just a few clicks. That’s exactly what the Sketch to Life feature in Canva offers to real estate professionals like you. This innovative tool, powered by artificial intelligence, breathes life into your drawings, transforming them into high-quality visuals that can dramatically enhance your listings and presentations.

How It Works for Real Estate:

  • Upload Your Sketch: Begin by uploading a basic sketch of a property layout, exterior, or even a dream landscape you envision for a property. It could be as simple as a floor plan or a concept drawing of a property’s potential after renovations.
  • Let AI Do Its Magic: Sketch to Life then uses AI to enhance the details of your drawing, turning it into a strikingly realistic image. This could mean adding depth to a landscape sketch or providing a lifelike representation of what a fixer-upper could become with some love and investment.
  • Realistic Images for Every Need: Whether you’re aiming to showcase the potential of an undeveloped lot with a stunning landscape or present a visual of possible renovations, Sketch to Life can produce images in various styles. From ultra-realistic to digital or 3D, pick the style that best suits your project and audience.
  • Refine and Share: With professional drawing tools in Canva at your disposal, you can refine your images further. And when you’re ready, upscale the resolution for crisp, clear visuals that make your listings stand out. Easily share these images in your marketing materials, on social media posts, or directly with clients to truly set their imaginations alight.

Bringing your sketches to life has never been easier, thanks to Canva’s Sketch to Life feature. Follow this straightforward guide to turn your sketches into stunning, photorealistic images.

Uploading Your Sketch

  1. Prepare Your Sketch: Start with a clear sketch. You can scan it or snap a picture using your phone.
  2. Upload to Canva: Navigate to Canva’s Sketch to Life feature and upload your sketch directly into the app.

Bringing Your Sketch to Life

  1. Introduce Realism: After uploading, it’s time to add that touch of reality. Canva offers the Realism Tool among its suite of enhancement tools to help you out.
  2. Adjust Details with the Realism Tool: This tool is your best friend for adding textures, shadows, and highlights. Adjust the sliders within the tool to dial in the perfect amount of detail, making your image look as realistic as possible.

Fine-Tuning Your Image

  1. Add Color: Utilize the Color Tool to breathe life into your sketch with vibrant hues.
  2. Enhance Contrast: Fine-tune the image’s contrast for added depth and dimension using the Contrast Tool.

New Tools in Canva: Are They Worth It?

As technology progresses, the essence of real estate endures, focusing on bridging individuals with spaces where they can establish their homes. With Canva by your side, you’re crafting dreams, one stunning visual at a time.

So, go ahead, give these features a whirl and watch your listings light up the market. Here’s to making every impression count and every listing a showstopper. Welcome to the future of real estate marketing with Canva in 2024—where every agent has the tools to be a marketing genius.

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