The Power of Send Out Cards in Real Estate

Today, instant messaging, social media pings, and email alerts are common, and sending a physical card might seem old-fashioned. And yes, ask any seasoned real estate professional, and they’ll tell you – a tangible card can leave an unforgettable impression that no digital communication can match.

Imagine the delight of a homebuyer receiving a heartfelt message card commemorating the first anniversary of their purchase. With send out cards, such gestures become possible and convenient, ensuring that personal touch remains alive and thriving in the real estate landscape.

Whether it’s a heartfelt thank-you note after a closed deal or a festive holiday greeting, send out cards are powerful tools that seamlessly blend the worlds of tangibility with the ease of technology: send out cards. It allows real estate professionals to curate and send personalized greeting cards to clients, celebrate milestones, and express gratitude. 

In this blog, we’ll delve into the nuanced world of send-out cards, their significance, and how they can unexpectedly elevate your real estate game.

The Power of Tangible Connections in the Digital Age

According to the National Association of Realtors, more than 90% of the younger homebuyers start their home search online. Yet, despite the ease and immediacy of digital communications, there’s an intrinsic human desire for actual connections and moments that leave a lasting influence.

Receiving a physical card, for instance, can evoke feelings of nostalgia and warmth. Tangible materials leave a deeper footprint in the brain, creating more personal and memorable connections. Such physical tokens of appreciation as gifts or reminders can make clients feel more valued and appreciated in new business, which, in turn, can foster loyalty and gather leads through referrals.

The Unique Features That Differentiate It From Traditional Cards


Send out cards offer many design options, allowing real estate agents to add photos and logos of your real estate branding. This lets you personalize the heartfelt card with messages tailored to the recipient.

Automation Capabilities

Real estate agents can schedule greeting card deliveries in advance for important dates. This is especially useful for remembering client anniversaries or sending holiday greetings on time.

Integrated Gift Options

Apart from cards and affordable pop-by gifts, realtors like you can also choose from various items to send, making it a one-stop solution to save time for client appreciation gestures.

Cost-Effective Packages

Real estate professionals can buy bulk gift packages or pay for memberships, making the per-card cost more affordable than many store-bought send cards.

Mobile Friendly

With the sendout cards mobile app, agents can send cards from anywhere, anytime, ensuring they stay connected even on the go.

Four Benefits of Using Send Out Cards in Real Estate


Like a real estate door hanger, postcard, and house flyer, one of the standout features of these greeting cards is the ability to tailor each card to the recipient. For real estate agents, this means the ability to send a card that not only commemorates the purchase of a new home but perhaps integrates relevant information with a heartfelt message or includes inside jokes and memories discussed during house viewings.


With send out cards, real estate agents can schedule and deliver them in advance, ensuring every client receives a personalized greeting on their move-in anniversary, during the holidays, or other notable occasions. This proactive approach can keep agents on top of their client relationship game.


Real estate agents have much on their plate – from consultations to home showings. These cards eliminate the need to visit a store, select a card, write a message, and mail it. With just a few clicks, a custom card is on its way, allowing agents to maintain personal connections without disrupting their busy schedules.


While the initial cost of a digital advertisement or email might seem lower, the long-term benefits of creating tangible connections often outweigh these short-term savings. This offers bulk pricing and subscription models that can be cost-effective for agents, especially considering the potential ROI from strengthened client relationships, repeat business, and greater lead generation through referrals.

Use Cases for Send Out Cards in Real Estate

A send out card used as birthday cards for a former client.

Many possible uses exist for sending out cards, especially in real estate. Consider using the following situations as a guide on when to use these cards to your advantage:

Client Appreciation

Context: After months of searching, showings, negotiations, and paperwork, you’ve finally closed a deal with your client. It’s a significant milestone for the agent, buyer, or seller, so it’s important to invest in delivering heartfelt messages.

Implementation: Instead of just a standard email or phone call, send a personalized card expressing your gratitude and happiness for their trust in you. You can include a photo of the property or a memorable moment during the house-hunting process. The tangibility of a card offers a special keepsake for the client, setting you apart from other agents.

Anniversary Reminders

Context: A year has passed since your client moved into their new home. It’s an ideal time to create something to remind them of their journey and maintain or create a lasting relationship.

Implementation: Schedule a card that celebrates the first anniversary of their home purchase. You can add a customized note encouraging them to reflect on the memories they’ve made in the past year. This small gesture can enhance loyalty among customers and remind them of your dedicated service.


Context: Holidays are universal touchpoints where everyone, including your clients, appreciates goodwill gestures.

Implementation: Create seasonal greetings tailored to significant moments, holidays, local events, or even lesser-known fun holidays (like National Homeowners Day). Adding a personal touch, like mentioning a feature of the home they purchased (e.g., “Hope you’re lighting up the fireplace this Christmas!”), can bring warmth to the relationship.

Referral Thanks

Context: Your client was happy enough with your service that they referred someone to you – a significant compliment in the real estate world.

Implementation: Send a special card expressing your heartfelt thanks upon receiving a referral. Consider including a small gift card or a discount voucher for home-related services as a gift or an additional token of appreciation.

Market Updates

Context: The real estate market is ever-evolving. Clients appreciate staying informed, especially if they’re considering another move or are just curious about their property’s value.

Implementation: Design a card that provides a snapshot of the current market every quarter or half-year. Blend in data visuals with key bullet points, and add a note emphasizing your continuous support should they have any queries or future real estate needs.

Tips for Effectively Using Send Out Cards

Use Client Photos: If you had an event or house showing and took photos, use them (with permission) to add a personal touch to your cards.

Remember the Details: Mention something specific about the property they purchased or showed interest in. For instance, “Hope you’re enjoying the lovely backyard view.”

Custom Messages: Avoid generic phrases. Write a message that speaks to your relationship with the client. Personal anecdotes or shared memories can be incredibly personalize impactful.

Include Your Branding: While keeping it subtle, ensure that your brand logo or color theme is present so potential clients remember who you are.

Frequency of Sending – Finding the Balance:

Post-Closing Cards: Send a thank you card immediately after closing a deal to express gratitude and congratulate the new homeowners.

Seasonal Greetings: Limit these to significant holidays or seasons that resonate most with your clientele.

Anniversary Cards: A card marking the anniversary of their home purchase can be a touching gesture from friends.

General Check-Ins: Every six months, consider sending a card to check in and provide market updates. Avoid overwhelming your business clients with too frequent communications.

Combining Send Out Cards with Other Marketing Strategies for Maximum Effect

Digital Follow-ups: After sending a card, follow up with an email linking to your recent listings or blog posts, reinforcing the personal and professional connection.

Social Media Integration: Share snippets or designs of some of your cards and gifts (avoiding any personal information) on social media platforms to showcase your commitment to individual touches.

In-Person Events: If you’re hosting an open house, seminar, or client appreciation event, send out cards as invitations, providing a tangible reminder for attendees.

Referral Program: Combine your “Send Out Cards” with contact information about referral bonuses or programs, encouraging clients to refer and spread the word about your services.

Enhancing Client Relations with Send Out Cards

Maintaining and nurturing relationships in real estate is made more manageable using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. These systems help organize client information, track interactions and set follow-up reminders. But what if we could seamlessly blend the power of CRM with the personalized touch of send out cards?

How Send Out Cards Complement CRM Systems

Send out cards offer a unique value proposition in the real estate landscape. Unlike a standard email notification or a digital ad, a tangible card evokes emotion and shows clients that they’re more than just a name in a database. When combined with the efficiency and organization of a CRM system, this personal touch can be even more potent.

  • Direct Integration: Some modern CRM systems have built-in features or plugins allowing direct integration with send out cards. This means that once you input a client’s information and set a reminder for a special occasion, the system can automatically send out a personalized card without you having to do it manually.
  • API Connectivity: For CRMs that don’t have a direct send out cards feature, the service’s API (Application Programming Interface) might offer a solution. This requires technical know-how or assistance from a tech team, but it can bridge the gap between the two platforms.
  • Manual Syncing: Manual syncing might be the answer in cases without direct integration or API connectivity. Set reminders in your CRM to send out a card and then use the “Send Out Cards” platform separately. While it’s not as seamless as other methods, it ensures you get all critical touchpoints.

Benefits of Integration

  1. Automated Personal Touch: By integrating, you ensure no significant date or event is missed. Whether it’s a client’s birthday, the anniversary of their home purchase, or just a seasonal greeting, the system will take care of it.
  2. Consistent Branding: Ensure that every card sent out aligns with your brand’s tone, message, and aesthetics. Integrated systems can pull from preset templates or designs, ensuring uniformity.
  3. Data Insights: Analyze the impact of your cards. See which ones get the most appreciation which occasions are most crucial for your clients, and refine your strategy accordingly.


With the whirlwind of emails, text messages, and social media notifications. Yet, the essence of successful realty lies in the genuine, personal connections we foster with our clients. These connections are the bedrock of success, trust, loyalty, success, and repeat business.

Send out cards are more than just a card service; they are a testament to personal touch’s value. Receiving a tangible token of appreciation or acknowledgment stands out significantly. It serves as a personalized constant reminder to clients that their realtor values the relationship beyond just transactions.

If you aim to become more successful in the industry, you can opt for having a real estate mentor to guide you in leaving an indelible mark on your clients’ hearts. Consider incorporating send out cards into your relationship-building toolkit. Because in an industry where homes are the product, the heart-to-heart connections truly seal the deal.

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