Kickstart Your Real Estate Reels with These 15 Content Ideas

With a staggering 97% of prospective homebuyers beginning their search for properties online, the urgency for real estate agents to revolutionize their online presence through short-form media like real estate reels has never been greater.

Embracing this bite-size video format enables effective audience engagement by providing valuable information and insights in a compelling format, building trust, and forming lasting connections with your audience in the dynamic real estate landscape.

The Power of Real Estate Reels and Other Bite-Sized Videos

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, where attention spans are decreasing and people prefer consuming information in bite-sized formats, you must explore real estate reels and other short-form video content to stand out from the competition amidst the content-saturated social platforms. 

More than this, social media sites often prioritize video content over static images or plain text in their algorithms.

With the popularity of trending short-form videos, you can now create short-form videos through the following platform:

  • TikTok
  • YouTube Shorts
  • Facebook Reels
  • Instagram Reels

With these platforms, you can amplify your personal brand, enhance your online visibility, boost engagement, increase followership, and earn a broader reach for your business.

Trending Real Estate Reels Ideas To Try

When creating compelling video content as a realtor, you have a world of possibilities at your fingertips. In this section, we’ll explore how reels work along with the trending real estate reels for realtors you that can incorporate into your marketing strategy and how they can help to engage, inform, and connect with your audience.

  1. Property or House Tour Montage

Immerse your audience in a compelling property or house tour montage. These videos create a sense of endless exploration, enabling potential buyers to imagine themselves in their dream houses while leaving them wanting to see more.

  1. Did You Know?

Whether discussing local market trends, hidden treasures in a neighborhood, or smart home-buying suggestions, this content provides bite-sized information that educates, entertains, and positions you as an industry-trusted authority.

  1. DIY Home Decor and Improvement Tips

These types of content are often best understood visually. You can create reels that allow you to showcase easily executable tips and present visual examples of quick room makeovers through painting accent walls, rearranging furniture, and adding decorative accessories. 

Do-it-yourself creative storage solutions, upcycling furniture ideas, statement lighting suggestions, and seasonal décor inspiration ideas are promising content ideas for your next reel.

  1. Before and After Transformations

As you create reels, you can utilize techniques like time-lapse or split-screen to visually depict the transition from the house from the “Before” state to the “After” state. You can also accompany this post with real estate reels ideas like insights, tips, or explanations about the renovation process, design choices, or cost-effective improvements.

  1. Real Estate Trends

By offering valuable insights and selling yourself as a knowledgeable professional, you can build credibility and trust among your audience, resulting in more potential client referrals. Since they are encapsulated in a condensed video format, you can provide valuable insights about real estate marketing trends without overwhelming your audience with lengthy blog posts or articles.

  1. Local Market Insights

You can visually showcase the new trend in local market trends, statistics, new listings, and specific details about neighborhoods and properties by appearing on video clips and sharing and providing commentary.

Moreover, by consistently promoting local market insights through trending real estate reels, you also establish yourself as a go-to source for reliable information for first-time buyers when it comes to local real estate marketing trends.

  1. Meet the Team

Through real estate reels, you can introduce your team on social media so you can build trust, showcase expertise, and humanize your brand. This way, potential clients can connect with the people behind the business, fostering a sense of familiarity and credibility.

Additionally, it adds a personal touch to your online presence, making your agency more approachable and encouraging potential clients to feel confident about reaching out for their real estate needs.

  1. Lifestyle Features

By highlighting nearby attractions, outdoor activities, shopping, and dining scenes, you create a compelling lifestyle narrative that appeals to potential buyers. This not only enhances the desirability of the properties you offer but also helps potential clients envision their dream lifestyle, making them more likely to engage with your agency and its listings.

  1. FAQ Series

Including an FAQ series on your real estate reels is beneficial as it addresses common questions and concerns, establishing you as an authoritative and helpful resource. It also saves time by preemptively answering inquiries, enabling you to focus on more personalized interactions and lead generation.

  1. Local Events and Festivals

By highlighting these events, you demonstrate your knowledge and passion for the neighborhood, building trust and positioning yourself as the go-to agent for anyone looking to be a part of the exciting happenings in the locality. Most importantly, It helps create an emotional connection with potential clients, making them envision themselves as part of the community.

  1. Client Testimonials

This can be a powerful social proof, illustrating customers’ satisfaction with their experience. You can begin with a short introduction about your commitment to customer satisfaction, then cut to clips of your clients sharing their favorable experiences. Include clips from a range of clients to show your versatility.

End the reel with a call to action, encouraging viewers to get in touch to start their real estate journey.

  1. Drone Shots

This creative shot can give potential buyers a unique perspective on a property, providing a bird’s eye view of the area. Show a mix of sweeping aerial views, detailed close-ups, and tracking shots that follow the property’s layout. To make a story this more engaging, consider pairing it with uplifting or inspiring music and a voiceover explaining each property’s key features.

  1. Tips and Tricks

Provide valuable content to your audience by creating a tips and tricks reel. Each short clip can present a different tip about buying or selling a home. For instance, recommendations include how to stage a home for selling, what to look for during a house tour, tips on some popular pop-by gifts for clients, or advice on securing a mortgage.

  1. Virtual Reality Tools

Show off your property with virtual reality tools to help clients explore properties without leaving their homes. You can insert clips of people using VR headsets and their reactions mixed with the footage they see in the virtual tour. Make sure to emphasize how these tools add value, such as saving clients’ time or allowing them to view properties from different locations.

  1. Real Estate Myths Debunked

Dispelling myths strengthen your agency’s reputation and increases the likelihood of attracting and retaining clients who see you as a knowledgeable and trustworthy resource. What’s more, this content demonstrates your expertise, builds credibility, and helps potential clients make more informed decisions.

Popular Platforms for Trending Real Estate Reels

Using Social Media for Real Estate Reels

Considering the prevalence of social media platforms nowadays, you may wonder which is best for sharing short-form videos.

To help real estate agents like you and other industry professionals decide, here’s a brief overview of some popular platforms, along with their pros and cons, that offer you the perfect stage to showcase your creative ideas for real estate everywhere.


TikTok is a popular social media platform that allows you to easily create, post, record, and edit your story through fun videos ranging from 15 seconds to three minutes.


  • Its video format fosters creativity and concise storytelling through filters, a wide music library with trending audio, Duet and Stitch features, text overlays, and captivating effects that ensure audience engagement, thus boosting your social media marketing efforts.
  • TikTok’s algorithm promotes content that is most likely to resonate with its users, giving your real estate videos a chance to go viral and gain significant visibility.


  • Its diverse user base leans towards younger demographics (16-34 age range), which may not suit your target audience for certain real estate-related content.
  • If you don’t have a large following or viral potential, your real estate videos may not get noticed because of TikTok’s vast amount of content.

YouTube Shorts

This relatively new feature on the YouTube platform allows you to create and share 15–60-second vertical short-form videos, proven to be a practical component of the whole real estate video marketing toolkit.


  • It can expand your reach as they’re featured prominently on the homepage and Shorts section of the YouTube app.   
  • YouTube Shorts can complement your longer real estate videos by providing teaser snippets or highlights that entice viewers to watch the full-length videos.


  • Relying only on YouTube Shorts for real estate content may limit your reach due to potential poor search performance on YouTube and external search engines.
  • It lacks monetization options like ads, sponsored content, and brand deals, limiting the earning potential of your youtube real estate marketing efforts. 

FaceBook Reels

It’s a Facebook feature that allows you to create up to 90 seconds ofnew reels consisting of audio, augmented reality effects, text overlays, and more.


  • With almost three billion monthly users on Facebook, real estate agents like you and other industry professionals can expand their audience reach and boost visibility for real estate-related information.
  • If your Facebook Reels content resonates and engages viewers, it can be featured on the Explore page and recommended to users with similar interests.


  • Standing out on Facebook Reels is challenging due to the abundance of competing content, including regular posts, videos, stories, and ads.
  • Gaining visibility and growing your audience takes time, as their organic reach depends on factors like interaction, relevancy, and quality.

Instagram Reels

It’s an Instagram app feature where you can create, watch and share videos using creative tools ranging from 15 to 60 seconds in length.


  • It features a dedicated Explore page, increasing the chances of your real estate Instagram reels being discovered by users not following you.
  • With editing features like filters, effects, stickers, and text, you can enhance the visual appeal of your real estate videos with a quick Instagram reel.


  • Reels have limited clickable link options, unlike Instagram posts or stories, making it harder to direct viewers to additional property details or external websites.


With the seven real estate reel ideas we’ve covered in this guide, real estate professionals like you can effectively communicate your brand’s value to potential leads by showcasing creativity, authenticity, and relatability. Grow your real estate business by exploring platforms for bite-sized videos, and start forging meaningful connections with your audience today!


How do you know if a reel is successful?

Besides likes and comments, you can also look at the shares and saves. You can also check for Reel-driven follower growth and CTA engagement as well.

Do reel views pay?

Yes, and it is based on a range of factors, such as the number of views, engagement rate, and overall popularity.

Why is Instagram god for real estate?

Instagram is ideal for bite-sized real estate video content since it has a built-in system for insights, data, and analytics to measure audience engagement.

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