13 Best Tech Gifts for Real Estate Agents

Technology helps real estate agents streamline their operations and, most importantly, close those deals faster. From smart home tours to AI-driven market analysis, tech tools are transforming how agents work, making everything from communication to property management a breeze.

Whether you’re an agent or a client, these are the best tech gifts for real estate agents that’ll improve their work efficiency and productivity!

Best Tech Gifts for Real Estate Agents

For this blog post, we have curated an electrifying list of tech gadgets and services that every real estate agent needs that you can consider worth investing in adding to their arsenal. Feel free to take some notes as these gadgets, when gifted, will surely make a realtor’s day better!

1. Smartphone

Best Tech Gifts for Real Estate Agents

The smartphone is the best choice for a realtor’s daily hustle, bundling communication, easy networking, and more social media handling into one sleek package. A survey by the National Association of Realtors reveals that 89% use Facebook in their real estate business, 59% use Instagram, 53% use LinkedIn, and 26% use YouTube.

With that in mind, a smartphone is a lifeline for connecting with potential clients, researching properties, navigating open houses, and even capturing photos and videos in a pinch.

High-Quality Camera: For snapping quick photos or videos of properties

Generous Storage: To hold all those apps, documents, and media files

Fast Processor: For smooth multitasking between email, social media, and specialized real estate apps

Robust Security Features: To keep sensitive client information safe


While smartphones are catching up in terms of camera quality, they can only partially replace a high-quality dedicated camera for real estate photography and capture a property’s essence. Photos are often the first thing potential buyers see, and they can affect their interest level.

DSLR camera or Mirrorless Types: These offer the best flexibility and image quality

Good Low-Light Performance: To handle various lighting conditions within homes

Stabilization Features: To ensure clear, sharp images free from blur

Wi-Fi Connectivity: For quick and effortless transfer of photos to other devices for editing or uploading to listings

3.Laptop Hybrids

These adaptable devices offer a laptop’s processing power and a tablet’s portability! Perfect for managing your real estate website on the go.

Processing Power: Since you’ll be running multiple applications like property databases, CRM software, and some lightweight design apps, you’ll want a device with enough oomph to handle multitasking.

Screen Size & Resolution: A good display can make a difference. Opt for a computer with a screen that’s big enough to multitask but not so large as to be clunky. High resolution is a plus for clear, crisp images.

Portability: A slim, lightweight design is crucial for easy transportation between home tours, open houses, and office meetings.

4.Portable Chargers

There’s nothing worse than your devices dying on you while you’re trying to close a deal or update a listing. A portable charger is what you need to solve this. 

Fast Charging: Chargers that can quickly charge your devices so you spend more time being productive.

Multiple Ports: A good portable charger should allow you to power up multiple devices simultaneously.

Compact Design: Look for a charger that’s easy to carry in your bag or even fits into your pocket. Portability is key.

High Capacity: Choose a charger with enough capacity to recharge your devices at least once fully so you’re not constantly worrying about running out of battery.

Durability: Given that this item will be jostling around in your bag or car, you’ll want something built to last.

5.Smart Notebooks

We’ve entered an era where even traditional note-taking has been revolutionized. Smart notebooks are perfect for real estate agents who love the tactile feel of writing but also want the convenience of digital storage.

Instant Digitalization: Write your notes traditionally with a pen and paper, but benefit from having them instantly stored digitally. This feature is perfect for keeping track of client needs, listing details, and important dates.

Searchable Notes: Once your notes are digitalized, they become searchable. Forget about thumbing through endless pages to find that one crucial detail. Just type in a keyword, and voilà!

Syncing Capabilities: Most smart notebooks can sync with various cloud storage services or specialized apps, making it highly convenient when you’re on the go.

Reusable Pages: Some smart notebooks have pages that can be wiped clean after their contents have been digitally stored, making them eco-friendly.

6.Voice Assistants

Imagine having a personal assistant always ready to help but without the added payroll expense. Voice assistants are the modern-day answer for busy real estate agents who must manage their time and tasks effectively. 

Scheduling: Tell your voice assistant to set up a meeting, add a reminder, or schedule an open house, and consider it done. Your calendar will be managed effortlessly.

Information Retrieval: Need quick facts about a property or want to calculate mortgage rates on the fly? Ask your voice assistant, and you’ll have your answer in seconds.

Hands-Free Operation: Whether driving to a meeting or showing a property, voice assistants can handle tasks without requiring you to lift a finger. Send texts, make calls, or even control smart home devices using your voice.

Integration: Many voice assistants can integrate with other smart devices and software commonly used in the real estate industry, creating a seamlessly connected ecosystem for your work.

7.360-Degree Cameras

This camera lets you capture an entire space in a single shot, creating an interactive experience for potential buyers. Allowing them to virtually “walk through” the property and see every corner as if they’re there. 

Resolution: A higher resolution ensures that the images are crisp and clear, providing an immersive virtual tour experience for your real estate videography.

Stitching Capabilities: The camera should be able to seamlessly “stitch” together images to create a smooth and natural-looking panorama.

Ease of Use: Look for a user-friendly camera that allows quick uploads to your website or listing platform.

Durability: Since you’ll use this tool frequently, it should be durable enough to withstand regular use and some inevitable knocks and bumps.

8.VR Headsets

Virtual Reality VR headsets are becoming increasingly popular and offer the most immersive experience regarding virtual property tours. Viewers can look around as if standing inside the property, creating a memorable and impactful impression that can possibly generate leads in the long run.

Comfort: If you show multiple properties, you’ll want a comfortable headset for extended periods.

Image Quality: High image quality is key for a realistic experience. Look for headsets with superior display resolutions and refresh rates.

Compatibility: Ensure the headset is compatible with various software platforms allowing the virtual reality headset for property tours.

Interactivity: Some VR headsets can ‘click’ on things within the virtual room to examine them.

Ease of Setup: No one likes to tinker around with complex setups, so a plug-and-play device is generally best for ease of use.

9.Smart Pen

This pen can be a real game-changer for real estate agents, blending traditional note-taking and modern technology. It can facilitate quicker signing processes by capturing digital signatures directly onto digital documents.

Automatic Sync: The ability to automatically upload your handwritten notes and sketches to cloud services like Google Drive or Dropbox can be a huge time-saver, especially when you need to quickly share information with clients or team members.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR): This feature converts your handwritten notes into searchable digital text. It’s invaluable for finding specific details in client meetings, property inspections, or negotiations without sifting through pages of notes.

Audio Recording Capabilities: Recording audio while you write can be useful during property viewings or client meetings where additional context is beneficial. Some smart pens also allow for time-stamped audio, so you can jump right to the part of the recording that corresponds with your notes.

Four More Unique and Unexpected Tech Gifts

A realtor may not expect these gifts, but these can surely put a smile on their face! Below are some helpful suggestions for the best gifts that you can try to give to real estate professionals. These might amp up their routines or improve their real estate branding.

10.Smart Coffee Maker

Imagine starting your day with the perfect cup of coffee, brewed just as you like, without leaving your bed. That’s the convenience an intelligent coffee maker offers for busy realtors. 

Programmable: Being able to set your coffee maker to start brewing at a specific time can be a lifesaver. Giving a realtor more time to focus on other tasks!

Remote Access: Whether you’re getting ready upstairs or en route back home, controlling the coffee maker through your smartphone ensures a fresh cup is always ready when needed.

Customization: From adjusting the strength to controlling the temperature, customize every aspect of your brew to suit your taste preferences, giving you that much-needed energy boost.

Voice Assistant Compatibility: When your hands are full, or you’re not a morning person, being able to command your coffee maker through a voice assistant can be the epitome of convenience.


Nothing beats a good aerial shot to make your clients visualize what it’s like living within a neighborhood with the house they’re seeing. 27% of Realtors believe using drone technology will impact their business, so here’s how using a drone for taking photos can revolutionize property showcases:

Bird’s-Eye View Photography: Capture the entirety of a property and its surroundings in a single shot. This perspective can be particularly compelling for properties with vast land, impressive grounds, or a beautiful neighborhood.

Cinematic Video Tours: Drones can help create dynamic, cinematic property overviews that are impossible to achieve with traditional photography. These engaging videos can significantly enhance online listings or virtual tours.

Stand Out in the Market: In a competitive space like real estate, the unique perspective of drone shots can make a property stand out in the sea of listings, attracting more potential buyers and making the property more memorable.

Inspection Ready: Beyond aesthetics, drones can inspect hard-to-reach places, such as roofs or upper-story windows, providing a complete picture of a property’s condition.

12.Laser Measuring Tools

Enough with the tape measure! These lasers offer a range of benefits that can significantly improve the quality and efficiency of your work as a real estate professional.

Range Capability: Look for a tool that offers a substantial measuring range, ideally one that can cover the distances you’d typically encounter in the properties you’re working with. Longer ranges provide greater flexibility.

Accuracy: Measurements are also important in real estate. Having precise measurements equates to more reliable data for your transactions.

Data Storage & Connectivity: A good feature it can have is that it allows you to save measurements directly on the device. Some models offer Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity to sync data with an app, which can be a huge time-saver.

Multiple Measurement Modes: Look for a tool that provides various modes such as area, volume, and continuous measurement. These functionalities can be handy for creating detailed property profiles.

Durability & Battery Life: As you’ll be using this tool frequently and possibly in various conditions, opt for a model that is robust, water-resistant, and offers good battery life. This ensures that your device is both reliable and long-lasting.

13.Pocket Projector

A portable mini projector can be a handy tool for real estate agents, offering a blend of portability and functionality that’s perfect for various aspects of the job. It can be great for impromptu meetings with clients or colleagues where you need to showcase property listings, market trends, or comparative market analyses.

Wireless Connectivity: A pocket projector with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth capability makes it easier to connect to different devices. This can be particularly handy when switching between a laptop and a smartphone during presentations.

Good Lumen Count: Ensure the projector has a sufficient lumen count for brighter projection in various lighting conditions, whether it’s a well-lit office or a dimly lit room.

Portability: While the term pocket projector already implies a small size, consider weight and the ease with which the device can be set up. The more portable, the better, especially if you juggle multiple meetings in different locations.

Final Thoughts

From smartphones to essential tools that make your listings stand out, tech tools are your partners in achieving success. They facilitate your real estate business operations and offer a competitive advantage in a market increasingly driven by social media marketing interactions.

Remember, each device you use is an asset in improving your digital marketing and customer service. When you gift these tech tools to yourself or a fellow agent, you’re not just giving a gadget—you’re giving the gift of enhanced customer relationship management, productivity, and professional growth, as these devices can save time, impress clients, and simplify business.

So, whether you’re considering a tech upgrade or hunting for a simple gift for a selling process or an advanced business card holder for a fellow real estate professional, keep in mind that the best tech tools are the ones that make work not just easier but also more effective and enjoyable.

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